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Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior: The Bible Lives

Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bible Lives

The Bible Lives

Generation follows generation- yet it lives.
Nations rise and fall- yet it lives.
Kings, dictators, rulers come and go- yet it lives.
Torn, condemned, burned- yet it lives.
Hated, despised, cursed- yet it lives.
Doubted, suspected, criticized- yet it lives.
Damned by atheists- yet it lives.
Scoffed at by scorners- yet it lives.
Exaggerated by fanatics- yet it lives.
Misconstrued and misstated- yet it lives.
Ranted and raved about- yet it lives.
Its inspiration denied- yet it lives.
Yet it lives- as a lamp to our feet.
Yet it lives- as a light to our paths.
Yet it lives- as the gate to Heaven.
Yet it lives- as a standard for childhood.
Yet it lives- as a guide for youth.
Yet it lives- as an inspiration for the matured.
Yet it lives- as a comfort for the aged.
Yet it lives- as food for the hungry.
Yet it lives- as water for the thirsty.
Yet it lives- as rest for the weary.
Yet it lives- as light for the heathen.
Yet it lives- as salvation for the sinner.
Yet it lives- as grace for the believer.
To know it is to love it.To love it is to accept it.To accept it means life eternal.

The Bible in Fifty Words
God made
Adam bit
Noah arked
Abraham split
Joseph ruled
Jacob fooled
Bush talked
Moses balked
Pharaoh plagued
People walked
Sea divided
Tablets guided
Promise landed
Saul freaked
David peeked
Prophets warned
Jesus born
God walked
Love talked
Anger crucified
Hope died
Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained.


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