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Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior: Why Suffering -2

Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why Suffering -2

Happy New year to ALL, may this new year be a very blessed to everyone.

Meera thanks for your comments and let me try to answer your question...
your question is If God wants us to get our eyes off the temptation, why He makes temptations?
Please read "Why suffering" blog topic again and you will get the first reason here only....

God is the epitome of holy, righteous character. He has chosen always to do what is wise and good. No power greater than He forces Him to be righteous. Righteousness has always been and always will be His way of life. His nature is love, the highest expression of His perfect character (1 John 4:8, 16).

Because God wants us to be like Him, He did not make us as automatons. If He had done so, we could not build righteous character, the same character He has. He could not fashion us into His spiritual image. To build character, we must evaluate our choices and recognize their consequences. We must choose between right and wrong, wisdom and foolishness, carelessness and vigilance.

If God would not allow temptations and would always pull us away from it, then we would be like roboots just working on what is programmed in us, and then this would not help us to build righteous character in us.

We know that God made us in HIS own image because God wants us to be HIS perfect friend, as God is holy and with righteous character and so He wants us to be like HIM holy and righteous, but HE don't want that character to be programmed in us but want us to develop it, and so He allows temptations.

Secondly, its satan who always brings temptations in our life, because His purpose is to destroy us, to take us away from God, and so He will tempt us with all that he can so that we should go away from God and be destroyed.
Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.- 1 peter 5:8

If we go in more detail about Satan and his work we will come to know his purpose and get a clear view on temptations.



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